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Created TicTail for Selling Cels and extra Anime Goods
last modified: Wednesday, July 19, 2017 (8:47:17 AM CST)
Hi All!

I created a TicTail so that I can take credit cards directly instead of having to work around my more erm creative payment workarounds. Although it looks like all Major banks are working together to make P2P easier so we no longer HAVE to use Paypal., but I digress.

My TicTail is:

All the DBZ and current CCS I am looking to downsize is up, some of the Sailor Moon but I just haven't gotten to it yet. I will also be adding any extra Anime Goods I have lying around, especially the extra YOI charms... If you want Victor and don't want to pay a premium you just buy the box LOL.

I am also having a sale to celebrate my first trip to Anime Fest Dallas, and will be offering free pickup to those that are also attending provided we meet at the con so I can hand you the goods, email me before you checkout so I can add the Free Shipping to your item, before you check out. There is also a coupon code that will be ending the day before I leave for AF, just put in ANIMEFEST10 at checkout for 10% off.
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Getting Out of Dragonball Z Collecting - Prices Added
last modified: Monday, June 19, 2017 (10:08:27 AM CST)
Hi All!

I added prices to my main site, not RS due to the RS sales rules. I have a few pieces in the market but it seems to be not working so well cause it keeps saying an item is added and then it doesn't appear?

So to see all the prices:

Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions at: or Jadeduo at
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Getting Out of Dragonball Z Collecting
last modified: Thursday, June 01, 2017 (9:41:07 AM CST)
After 15+ years collecting DBZ cels, I have decided to go into a new direction. There are a sundry of reasons a lot of it having to do with the way the market is right now and my unwillingness to continue collecting a series that is getting stupidly competitive for really shitty cels... But that is prolly a main one, and of course only my opinion.

I dumped most of the less than premium pieces at a dealer this weekend. The rest of the premium stuff is still in my possession I am considering offers only at this time, I can tell you that the lowest priced cel on the page I paid $150 after Auction fees, most everything else I paid much more for, and some I am sure if I didn't hate eBay so much I could bring in about what I paid or more.

So long story short please come at me with your BEST OFFERS only!

I can be contacted at or
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Possible Rubberslug East!
last modified: Monday, July 18, 2016 (9:20:13 AM CST)
So as many know the forum is full of bugs, and the original RS East thread stopped working years ago! I figured I would add this to the blog to see if anyone wanted to do and RS/AB meetup at Otakon this year??

I know of at least 3 or 4 collectors that are going to be at Otakon this year and was wondering if anyone would like to do a meetup and person and show off their beauties and or swap trade out stuff they think needs a new home!

Feel free to comment below if you are interested or send me an e-mail at jade at

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Anime-Beta Cel Contest 2015 and
last modified: Monday, December 07, 2015 (3:03:32 PM CST)
So after much drama, well drama for one of my contests the last two went so smoothly I must have gotten complacent.... ^_^;;

Contest winners are announced here:

So, now I will be taking a deep breath and taking a step back from Beta a while, throwing my invisibility cloak on as it were.

As everyone has noticed, or maybe it is just me. Rubberslug has been spending more and more time crashing as of late, and less time being useful. While I have said it before, and I say it again here, I highly appreciate everything Jason has done for us. I have personally outgrown Rubberslug, it just doesn't do what I want it to do for my collection. And my lovely multi-image setups are spread across several pages which makes it very difficult to really appreciate every cut I have managed to gather, as well as some stuff that I have been able to reunite.

So everything is being copied over to in a new format. With higher quality images as well as this fancy new gallery format that is super cool. I will also be working on making the site more mobile friendly, however that will be the last step in the process. Most of my site has been moved except for the Saiyuki, Tennimon, and my onesies and twosies sections, I will be also adding some other things I've wanted to put together for a while a getting started link page, a sort of cel terminology dictionary, and I will also be moving the blog over to the new site as well.

I would appreciate any and all feedback as long as it is constructive, and look forward to this new chapter in my cel journey!

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Anime-Beta Cel Contest 2015
last modified: Tuesday, October 06, 2015 (12:46:07 PM CST)
Hi All!

So to get some marketing done for the Cel contest! Even though RS is quiet right now! Beta is holding their annual Cel contest for 2015 right now! Your's truly is running it! So please check out the list of categories for 2015 and feel free if you haven't joined Beta to join and enter, I am accepting entries till the end of the month!

Ganbatte ne!

The Contest Thread Page 5 - Has full official rules and categories! Link should take you there!
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20K Hits... And where are we going now!
last modified: Monday, August 17, 2015 (10:57:46 AM CST)
LOL so I was an updating fiend last week and missed it, but apparently In My Dreams hit 20,000 hits. It took a lot longer than most galleries, but I am proud of the achievement! It just goes to show if you put the work in eventually it will pay off! ^_^

So I guess this is where I should think about where I am going now! LOL I have no idea! I have a lot of vague idea of the many things I want to do for the gallery, but it almost always gets pushed aside because of new additions!

So first I think I will make a list! Some of the things I want to do for the Gallery:

1. More Research! I want to spend more time figuring out where things come from! I also want to make use of the Hyper Grafficers Doujinshi that some industrious SM fan has scanned to see if I can match any of my cels to the Episode Animation Directors!

2. Set up a feature Image...

3. I want to also start setting up Gallery tours... I understand that my CCS collection is starting to eat the world, followed closely by Loveless... And that the way they are set up peeps do not know where to start!! @_@

4. Collect a few more series, I have a few things in the works, but not enough to post yet!

5. Finish switching over to the Itoya Binders... Although this takes up a lot of money.... ^_^;; They are so much better than the folios, much sturdier and easier to hang in my closet!

6. Try and do more panels! ^_^ I was slated to do two more than I did this year but because of the accident everything was pushed aside!

7. Continue being the crazy Beta Cheerleader, and help bring back some of the oldy but goody peeps that are still lurking around...

8. Actually implement the ideas I got from the last Open House, and do the same with any ideas I get from the next one!

I am looking forward to the Open house this week, and I hope it starts soon, but if not look forward to more updates this evening!

Feel free to comment below!
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Anime-Beta Sketch Contest 2015
last modified: Sunday, February 01, 2015 (8:22:38 PM CST)
Hi All!

With Beta down till the new Mods and Admins get the domain figured out...

I wanted to update everyone on the sketch contest.

All the voting collectors were turned off on time last night. I figured out rankings and awards and sent them off to Majinuub for verification this morning.

I have a couple categories that have weird tie issues.

In Bishonen there is a three way tie for gold, and in Shocked a four way tie for gold!

My instinct is to just award 3 and 4 golds for these two categories and not award the silver and bronze...

Please let me know what you think and if you need to reach me, I can be reached at Jadeduo at anytime!

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last modified: Monday, January 12, 2015 (9:49:37 PM CST)
So I am really bummed and stressed right now. I am waffling on sharing this because the last time I did so I was attacked. But I could really use some encouragement or happy stories right now, because I am having a bit of a meltdown. So happy puppy stories please, or a great new cel you got just please help.

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Epic Rant About Fandom...
last modified: Saturday, September 13, 2014 (12:41:05 AM CST)
My feelings were hurt a bit today... It comes down to a question of being a fan of something... What does being a fan mean? If you can't recite, every word, every lyric in another language does that make you a poser? Even if you still watch every episode? Get every new album? Stalk their Facebook and Twitter constantly isn't that enough?

Or are you still not a fan?

Because I am going up to MSG I have been trying very hard to learn the lyrics to some of my favorite X Japan songs... I have never had a gift for other languages...

When I took French all the way through high school I had to work at it, it was a constant battle. In fact everyone knows I LOVE Sailor Moon, and yet I only know by heart the full Japanese lyrics to two songs! Sailor Moon has an insane amount of music, just because I only know the lyrics to two songs, does that mean I am not a good enough fan? That I don't love listening to Anata Sei Janai even though I don't understand it?

If anyone has ever listened to X Japan, it's interesting because you don't realize it but I would say maybe a good 40% of their music is in English, and I who have at times trouble with the British accent have a problem understanding what Toshi is singing. I swear I can't be the only one!

For example their song Jade a few of the lyrics Toshi is using a synthesizer and he is half singing half speaking the lyrics. When he puts the full power in his voice behind the words I can understand him, when he is talking/singing I have to look those lyrics up! I have to do research, because I can't hear the English words, I can't differentiate them at all! So it takes me MUCH longer to learn the words, than say an MB20 song, and even with MB20, there were a couple of songs I had to go look up lyrics too because of the occasional word salad!

Weekend is not my favorite, but it is one of the most entertaining jump up and down head banging songs X Japan sings? However the lyrics are sung at Billy Joel We Didn't Start the Fire Speed! Which makes it triply hard to learn when the language is not my native tongue.

So am I a poser? Not a fan? Was I the only one in our group that realized the full version of Without You was released last May? I believe so... However I am apparently not much of fan of anything...

Because I can't quote every single episode of Sailor Moon, Doctor Who, or Sherlock. I don't know all the lyrics to every X Japan song in Japanese and English, I don't know the lyrics to every Sailor Moon song ever written. Oh, and I also don't speak Japanese!

But you know what! I love all of these things and I am going to continue to let my freak flag fly! I can be a fan however I want to be!!! Whether it's writing fan fiction, painting, cel collecting, or humming along to a song instead singing the lyrics because there is no way I can sing along without word salad... I will be however I want to be, and I can't let anyone take it from me, and you can make disgusted faces at my word salad, and you can tell me I'm not a fan! But you are in the WRONG, AND NOT I!!

We should stop judging each other by level of epic fandomness and just enjoy hanging out with other people who enjoy what we enjoy!

So ends my soapbox rant, I had to lance this boil somehow, it helped, but now I've made myself cry LOL.

So what do you think? And how do you express your fandom (s) ?
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Organization of My Dreams...
last modified: Thursday, September 11, 2014 (2:14:48 PM CST)
Okay so post the Gallery Open House, there was almost a 50/50 split about my organization. So, I thought I would offer an explanation, as the banner says Iíve been around for a while, so, when I first started collecting, I committed myself to only collecting Sailor Jupiter, then I started to branch out. I dabbled at first in, DBZ and Gundam Wing, and had a brief flirtation with Tenchi Muyo! which never stuck, everything I had was sold. And then I started collecting CCS and the current count on that is like 140ish pieces, which is way more than my Sailor Moon collection.

That however has more to do with the availability of pieces than anything else, I am by no means the last Sailor Moon collector left, however I am the last Sailor Jupiter collector left that is still very active, and primo pieces of her to add to my collection have been sparse over the last couple of years, one of the reasons I have branched out in some ways on my Sailor Moon Collection, picking up in the last year or two characters other than Sailor Jupiter, but still Sailor Moon is definitely not as readily available as CCS, which and my collection which is ToyaxYukito heavy, however does not exclude all the other characters.

So when it came to re-organizing my collection, BTW I have always hated the Rubberslug Alphabetical order. When you break out SM into seasons, it puts Stars before SuperS and that drove me absolutely batty! So when I figured out how to re-order I put Sailor Moon at the top, as my first love, then the largest portion of my collection directly underneath, CCS, then the rest should be alphabetical order by overall show title and then if warranted broken down into seasons by order of air date.

So thatís my story and Iím sticking to it! I hope this makes more sense now, LOL!

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Adding text to pages...
last modified: Thursday, August 28, 2008 (10:27:42 PM CST)
Hey all!

Okay just wanted to warn you all, I am going to be adding cels over the next few days. Please don't be disappointed, I'm keeping them locked until they all get here in the mail. I want to do one big reveal, this shopping spree deserves huge fanfare. It's to celebrate finally making GM, a dream I've had for a very long time. LOL the funny thing is I have more money but will still be eating Ramen all this month because of it!! ^_^;;

They should be trickling in over the next few weeks. Don't bother to check out the gallery unless you of course want to see all the progress I've made with actually adding text to the pieces, as well as screenshots, and of course new scans. All of CCS Season 3 is completed as well as, most of Episode 65, and some of Episode 66. It's so much work!!

I don't know how Sensei does it! Although I bet he did it one at a time as he was buying... *bangs head* Okay going to sleep now, I have to go and open MY store in the morning!

*is feeling gleeful*
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When did I become a mainly CCS collector!!?
last modified: Tuesday, July 29, 2008 (10:52:05 AM CST)

Damn AC gave me the sniffles last night! I was in the process of updating my gallery and giving it some much needed love... When I looked at my cel count and just about started to cry! When did I become a mainly CCS collector???

The mind boggles, I have always, always mainly been a Sailor Jupiter collector. I've always had more Sailor Moon than anything else.

But it looks like that is all about to change. I just recently went on a serious shopping spree... With payment plans and the like and of the 8 cels I bought 7 were CCS and one Sailor Moon!

This puts my SM collection at 28 and CCS at 39!! Never mind the two I just bought off of YJ... I've actually had to break up the CCS into seasons, and even then I don't think it will help much cause most of cels are from season 3...

The contributing factors to this change can be broken down into, when I took a break 2 years ago SM prices were going down, so no one was selling. CCS prices stay at a fairly even keel and tend to be VERY affordable, never mind the high cel per minute count that CCS has... And since I've come back there has been nothing on the market as far as Sailor Jupiter goes.

Sorry about the rant, but I think I'm going to go look at all my SJ's cause they need some love!

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Updating soon!
last modified: Saturday, June 28, 2008 (8:06:20 PM CST)
Hi all!

I have been on lurker mode for 2 years, due to a very busy life being an AGM at a very busy store. I have moved and now am in a very slow store!

So I will be back to update now that I have time to get my scanner and camera fixed or replaced! So I should have some new cels to be updating in every category except for GW. I am trying to slowly phase out my GW collection but I have to get back up and running now that I have the time and wi-fi!

I am so excited this move will give me more time for a personal life, and to get back into collecting!

Cya around!

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11*16*5 - Sick and updated anyway *sniffs*
last modified: Wednesday, November 16, 2005 (11:09:44 PM CST)

I hate being sick, but on the plus side the compy is right next to my bed. I added a few CCS cels within the past few days at least. A very lovely Yukito from episode 70 that just puts a smile on my face *despite the snot* Ok I'm going to actually sleep now if I can.

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9*26*5 - IT"S MINE!!! *insert maniachal laughter*
last modified: Monday, September 26, 2005 (8:12:14 PM CST)

Good tidings all! One of my ultimate dream super duper wish list Jupiter cels came in the mail today *sighs longingly* now if only I could find a death scene episode 45 cel ^_^ Anywho go check it out! It's absolutely lovely and GIANT!!!

Anywho on a football fangirl note my boys won this weekend!! teehee!!


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9*22*5 - *pops out of lurking mode*
last modified: Thursday, September 22, 2005 (2:09:30 PM CST)

Just a tiny update I finally added my new Heero cel *snickers* and I added a brand new Yukito. Lol unfortunately I forgot to add them before I started my offer period a while back lol. Oh wellsies!!! I also updated a whole bunch of bg I got from the lovely Thalia (she made me some copies of hers) *huggles and bows*

I think that's it for now! Oh there is something HUGE coming in the mail to go with my other lovely Makotos I can't wait!!! Well until then I go back into hiding... *slips away*
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1*3*5 - Busy, busy, busy...
last modified: Monday, January 03, 2005 (11:44:32 AM CST)

Ugh I have been getting nagged by my lil' sis to update not just my rubberslug, but my personal gallery as well, lol. But it's been crazy busy this past few weeks and I still have a couple of cels to add!! @_@ I have updated Cardcaptor Sakura, Sailor Moon, and DBZ (which I should have updated earlier ^_^;;) .... Descriptions are coming... or when I get my lazy a$$ in gear to write them.... Anywho enjoy the update and send me feedback I love this kind of stuff!! ^_^

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10*1*4 - Help Me!
last modified: Friday, October 01, 2004 (8:28:28 PM CST)
The market has been so flooded lately, I've been hardpressed to keep my wallet in my pants. :P Must stop buying cels! Can't resist...

Lol still working on the site adding screenshots and hopefully text about the cels and the scenes the cels are from! I am sucker for more information than even I can handle. It also helps to cement for me why I made the purchase in the first place :) Anywho I added from Sailor Moon, a DD girl and nice group douga from episode 45. I am so excited there is so much more I need to scan and add *falls over* (off course this is in the middle of reformating the site :P) wish me luck!

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9*23*4 - New Design
last modified: Thursday, September 23, 2004 (12:11:08 AM CST)
Heehee it is now 1am and I have the new sight design done! *giggles madly* mayhap I need more sleep.... *snickers* Now to go onto the regular sight which should be: (that is if I ever get it finished) *runs to go do sight work cackling madly away*

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