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Answer me Soubi! - Ritsuka and Soubi - Episode 12
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Added 10/10/2017
Updated 10/10/2017
The Scene: This episode has taken Loveless into a VERY dark place... Soubi after waking from the terrible nightmare of all his friends dying at Soubi's hand by Seimei's order, then sending Soubi after Ritsuka so he dies last. Ritsuka of course when he first wakes from this horrifying nightmare, by seemingly breaking the spell Seimei has apparently cast, runs to check on all his friends and family. When he finds everyone okay, Soubi runs up to him worriedly, they talk about Ritsuka's dream, but then they have this conversation...

Ritsuka: "Soubi. If... If Seimei comes back to life and... ...orders you to kill me... At that moment, what would you do?"
Soubi: "Seimei is dead..."
Ritsuka: "I'm just saying "what if"! If you were ordered by Seimei! Answer me, Soubi!" (Sketch) "You're gonna have to kill me, aren't you?"
Soubi: "Most likely."
Ritsuka: "I knew it." (starts crying, and runs, Soubi grabs his arm) "What? Soubi pulls him into an embrace. "Get off me!"
Soubi: "It's not what you think, listen!"
Ritsuka: "I dont want to hear any excuses!"
Soubi: "If that time comes... ...I'll die first."
Ritsuka: "Soubi."
Soubi: "A life without Ritsuka... I can't..."
Ritsuka: "What a fool."​

Why?: I loved this set from the moment I opened it, it really is quite lovely. Ritsuka looks pissed, albeit he spends a lot of the time pissed off but he earned it for sure with all the manipulation coming from behind the scenes... LOL if they ever get to finishing the Anime... it gets... dark... poor kid needs to get ready for a roller coaster ride. His rage and terror you can feel jumping off the page, a very affecting moment.

About the Set: The corrections in particular on this set are really quite excellent and very obviously the work of Nakayama Yumi. She was very hands on with this scene, as they were a lot of corrections done for the other two sets I have from this scene. You can tell as the quality of the animation and the expressions say more than the words that actually come out of their mouths. Which is pretty much par for the course on their relationship. Also included are the final genga which after taking in the corrections are of a real high quality also the use of extensive colors to denote the shadowing of the snow night they are having this very intense conversation.

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