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*ANFS* Sacrifice - Yue & Toya - Episode 65
Source: TV
Layers: 1
Sketches: 1
Cel Number: B22
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Added 5/7/2017
Updated 5/7/2017
The Scene: Well there is only one thing to say about this cel it is from THE SCENE! The ultimate culmination of the series between Yue and Toya. Toya knows Yukito is not fully human, and he knows Yukito is slowly fading away... Will he let it happen NO!

Why?: Well for one the intimacy of this scene is just downright spine tingling. Who cares for porn, when you can have this kind of sweet, intense innuendo? Everytime I watch this episode it sends shivers down my spine, sometimes enough to send me through to the cold shower!

About the cel: There is some paint loss in Toya's hair, which is annoying but the paint is stuck to the sketch. So it's not lost persay...

The cel is not key but there are many, many sequence buddies which I will update when I have time. I know for a fact that Sensei has listed all the sequence buddies for this scene on his sequence mate.

Special Note: this is the second time I have scanned this cel in the four years I have owned it. I thought that it's about time that this cel got the proper recognition and love it deserved. The higher quality scan really brings out the depth of the colors and sets the tone for the mood of scene... *shivers*

Anime-beta Cel Silver Award Medal Winner 2014: Love

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