I just realized I haven't updated this site text in ummm... Months!!! *dies* So Rubberslug sort of acts as my secondary backup for my main site: jadeduo.net That is where you will see most of my updates more consistently, (although they are not as clearly marked) I also often forget to upload to RS nowadays, so I will be going on an RS update spree while working on JD.net and realize something I posted months ago never made it to RS... This is especially true for the original art and sketch sections. I also unlocked most everything on RS except for some random sketches that really are of little interest.

Another note, any series that is predominately sketches will not have all the pieces up on RS due to the image limitations. I am also no longer going to break up cuts because of the image limitations. So if there is a set you would like to see everything that I have especially some of the really special corrections I love, please feel free to hop over to Jadeduo.net to explore!


News & Updates

10/10/2017All caught up on the Loveless backlog... I really should work on the original art section... ^_^;;
7/5/2017Saiyuki Reload Blast! Celebration update, both pieces updated today come from the original series episode 21. I'm so excited for the new series debuting today!
1/15/2014Happy 10 YEAR Anniversary! Added 1 SM, and 1 SMR cel, will be adding more over the course of the week!
1/25/2004Please stay by my side, In my dreams now open.

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**For Offer/In RS Market** (3) 9/27/2015
07 Ghost (1) 6/28/2017
Autographs & Original Art - Misc (42) 2/13/2018
Autographs & Original Art - Yaoi Mangaka (58) 4/22/2017
Bleach (15) 4/9/2016
Cardcaptor Sakura (217) 10/22/2017
Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! (10) 8/11/2017
Dragonball Z (8) 8/8/2015
Fatal Fury (1) 1/25/2017
Fullmetal Alchemist (6) 12/3/2015
Gravitation (4) 5/22/2017
Inuyasha (4) 1/27/2017
Kill La Kill (1) 7/19/2017
Loveless (91) 10/10/2017
Mobile Suit Gundam Wing (11) 1/29/2017
Neon Genesis Evangelion (3) 2/14/2018
Pokemon (2) 10/17/2016
RG Veda (3) 6/5/2017
Sailor Moon (80) 1/25/2017
Saiyuki Reload: Burial (132) 1/12/2017
Saiyuki: All Series (74) 7/5/2017
Shoujo Kakumei Utena (1) 1/30/2015
Tenshi Ni Narumon (67) 4/20/2017
Tokyo Babylon (1) 1/23/2017
Trigun (1) 1/26/2017

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