I'm afraid RS is not much longer for this world with the amount of kicking that has to be done to keep it afloat. And I'm letting the other site go as well. I'm moving over to instagram where a lot of other Peeps I know are going as well, it's under @jadeduo_art_collection

I'm also @Jadeduo as well but that is mostly my Shop/complain about UtaPri/Fluffy Doggo account. Forest is an excellent shop assistant!

I will also just start throwing stuff up here while it is still around I am currently inventorying my collection and have started with the CCS. I have completed most of those except for a few Movie 1 pieces I have still to put up. Please enjoy while RS is still around!


News & Updates

1/15/2021Did a HUGE update of Cardcaptor Sakura, 34 pieces over the span of two weeks!
5/9/2020Not an update, update. Just a notice that I put cels for sale up in my shop here I do need to pull together and do a full inventory of my collection (one day) this section of the shop might grow eventually, but for right now all items for sale are there.
1/15/2014Happy 10 YEAR Anniversary! Added 1 SM, and 1 SMR cel, will be adding more over the course of the week!
1/25/2004Please stay by my side, In my dreams now open.

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**For Offer/In RS Market** (3) 9/27/2015
07 Ghost (1) 6/28/2017
Autographs & Original Art - BL Mangaka (58) 4/22/2017
Autographs & Original Art - Misc (42) 2/13/2018
Bleach (15) 4/9/2016
Cardcaptor Sakura (218) 1/10/2021
Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE! (10) 8/11/2017
Dragonball Z (8) 8/8/2015
Fatal Fury (1) 1/25/2017
Fullmetal Alchemist (7) 8/29/2020
Gravitation (4) 5/22/2017
Inuyasha (2) 10/5/2015
Kill La Kill (1) 7/19/2017
Loveless (91) 10/10/2017
Mobile Suit Gundam Wing (11) 1/29/2017
Neon Genesis Evangelion (3) 2/14/2018
Pokemon (2) 10/17/2016
RG Veda (3) 6/5/2017
Sailor Moon (66) 1/25/2017
Saiyuki Reload: Burial (132) 1/12/2017
Saiyuki: All Series (75) 8/29/2020
Shoujo Kakumei Utena (1) 1/30/2015
Tenshi Ni Narumon (67) 4/20/2017
Trigun (1) 1/26/2017
Wish (1) 1/17/2021

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